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About Call4HK

Call4HK is an online platform that empowers US-based Hongkongers to voice their concerns to Congress and strengthen the diaspora by showcasing Hong Kong-related events across the United States.

We can't promise to succeed, but we promise we will never fail to try. 

We believe through making our voices to be heard by the world, we pave the way to the "Liberation of Hong Kong." The faith in individual and collective power to enact change has united grassroots Hong Kong organizations, culminating in the development of Call4HK

By providing a variety of resources, including call-to-action templates, talking points on recent updates for lawmakers, and insights about relevant congressional legislation, we ensure constituents possess the necessary information to convey to policymakers that it is in America's best interest to pay attention to the ongoing events in Hong Kong.

Whether you choose to advocate individually or collectively as a group, our aim is for your voice to resonate. Join us in solidarity – Make a call for Hong Kong, and be a part of Call4HK today!

For enquiries/User feedback, please contact us via our Twitter.

National Campaign Partners

The Committee for Freedom in Hong Kong Foundation
Fight for Freedom. Stand with Hong Kong.
Hong Kong Community Center
Hong Kong Democracy Council
Hong Kong Professional Network (HKPN)
Hong Kong Watch
We The Hongkongers

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List of Local Groups



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Hongkongers in Florida 美國佛州香港人會社

Lamp of Liberty

Lion Rock Café

New Yorkers Supporting Hong Kong (NY4HK)

Northern California Hong Kong Club (北加州香港會)

Penn State Students For Hong Kong


SEArious For HKG 西雅圖香港民主監察小組

San Francisco Hong Kongers bot - 三藩市香港人公海bot