Why This Matters to You

China's oppression on Hong Kong and other regions are warnings of its threat to the world

CCP China's breach of the Sino-British Joint Declaration and other international agreements is a signal of its ambition to change the world's order as we know it.

Uyghurs are being put into "re-education" camps in China as forced labors, an act determined as genocide and crimes against humanity by the State Department.


The on-going cultural genocide on Tibetans include forced disappearances, arrests, torture, and physical abuse."

With the intention to invade Taiwan, China has been increasing its military exercise in the Taiwan strait.

Source: CNN

Hong Kong as a role model of freedom and rule of law to China and Asia

There used to be an independent judicial system in Western standards, fair to all investors regardless of origin.

It served as the most neutral and free region in China bridging to the west.

Hong Kong embodies global values

Our multicultural environment demonstrates the coexistence of Eastern and Western values.

Despite pressures from the CCP, Hongkongers have remained steadfast in our quest for freedom and democracy.

Hong Kong and the US have centuries of connection beyond trading.

Over 230,000 HongKong-born Americans.

Source: American Fact Finder

Over 1,000 American firms with over 80,000 employees operate in HK


The U.S. is one of the largest investors in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong is a center of high-skilled workers

Hongkongers have strong expertise in skill-intensive service sectors like finance, trading, logistics, and professional services.


5 of 8 Gov-funded universities are among the top 100 of the world.

Source: QS World University Rankings 2021